For the young

Fun computer products for kids with Special Needs

For the elderly

Having difficulty using your computer or know people who are?

For those with a disability

Providers of Assistive Technology and computer adaptations for all Special Needs, mobility issues, visual impairment, learning difficulties, RSI etc

Do you have difficulties using your computer as a result of a physical or learning disability, repetitive strain injury or some other condition?

Adapt-IT are suppliers of special needs computer equipment and software, Assistive Technology and associated services. We can help you to find the right product to allow adults and children to use a computer or tablet in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Whether you or somebody you know has a mobility issue, visual impairment, learning difficulty including dyslexia, communication problem or repetitive strain injury (RSI) we can help you to choose the right keyboard, mouse or other equipment to improve your well-being. We believe that we offer the largest range of ergonomic keyboards and mice in the UK!

We provide special needs software Training in all the main special needs software products from Dolphin, Texthelp, Clarosoft, Freedom Scientific, Ai Squared and Widgit. This also includes Clicker (children