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For those users who need to type with just one hand, either for convenience or as a result of an accident or stroke, there are a number of options out there that could be helpful:

  • Single handed keyboards
  • ALT-Key Access software
  • Single handed typing tutorial


Single handed keyboards

There are currently two keyboards available that allow you to type with one hand; the Maltron Single Handed keyboard and the Half QWERTY keyboard.  Both these keyboards work on the principle of making all the keys accessible with one hand.  For the Maltron keyboard you need either a left handed or right handed version, whereas the same Half QWERTY keyboard can be used as either left or right handed.


Maltron Single Handed keyboard

maltron_rh_black_keyboard_1At first rather a weird and wonderful looking keyboard and for that reason many people are reluctant to try this out, but for regular users, it is possible to get up to high typing speeds.  I think one user reported a typing speed with this keyboard of 130 words per minute!

We offer a ‘hire-before-you-buy’ arrangement with this keyboard, where you can try it out for 4 weeks before making a decision.  For more details, see our Maltron single hand keyboard.


Half QWERTY Keyboard

half_qwerty_508_2A more conventional-looking keyboard which works on the principle that each key double up as two.  So pressing the “Q” key, you get a “q”.  Pressing the Space and “Q” key together however, you get the mirror image of the Q key, namely the “p”, and so on.

In this way all the keyboard keys can be accessed from the one side, whether left or right.  For more details see our Half QWERTY Keyboard.

(This keyboard is only available with US Layout.)


ALT-Key Access

alt_key_1A much cheaper solution, we have developed the ALT-Key Access program ourselves to simulate the ‘dual key’ approach, with each key doubling up as two.  By pressing the “Q”, the letter “q” is displayed.  Pressing and holding the letter “Q”, a “p” displayed.

So “Q” doubles up as a “P”, and vice versa, “W” as an “O”, “A” as an “L” and so on.

For more details and a video clip of the software in action see our ALT-Key Access single hand software for this product.  A free 30 day trial version of the software is available to download there.


Typing Tutorial

Five Finger Typist

five_finger_typist_1The final option is a typing tutorial developed by someone who himself had use of just one hand.  It is always uncomfortable having to re-learn a basic skill but he has developed this tutorial to teach users how to type more efficiently with one hand, minimising the stretching and the strain on the one hand.  The Five Finger Typist tutorial tutorial software is available for PC and Mac, with a trial version of Five Finger Typist(PC only) available on our website.

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