Helping the disabled community

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Disability Services

Adapt-IT offers a range of disability services for:

We support people with a range of permanent or temporary disabilities (e.g. RSI – repetitive strain injury) and those with learning difficulties, all the way from children to senior ‘silver surfers’.

Our hardware and software products and training services are available to individuals, employers and carers. We can carry out Assistive Technology assessments and Ergonomic Assessments for individuals and at the workplace for health and safety departments.

Whether for business, school work or social media, technology plays a large part of the way we live today. Adapt-IT will assist with all aspects of enablement, whether you need special software, ergonomic hardware, training or advice.

Please note that further reading on a range of related ergonomic and disability technology issues can be found in the numerous blog posts on the Adapt-IT website. Feel free to add your comments or feedback if it might be useful to others.


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