Compact keyboards with integral mice

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shoulder upper arm rsiFor many computer users, the constant struggle of moving your hand to either the mouse or the other side keyboard can take its toll.  It can sometimes result in pain in the upper arm or shoulder.  A compact keyboard with an integral mouse can not only reduce stretching but also often provides an ideal space saving solution.

How could this type of keyboard be useful to me?

Compact keyboards with integral mice reduce the need for this stretching movement because everything is within easier reach.  This can help alleviate (or remove altogether) the symptoms of RSI.

This type of keyboard can also be useful to people with mobility problems and muscular degenerative disorders.  In addition for those with the use of only one hand, not having to constantly stretch to access all the keys can prevent the overtiring of the muscles on the good arm.   The less demanding the movement, the less strain is put on the muscles involved.  And saving desk space by using a keyboard no more than 30cm across is an added bonus!

What are my options?

Here are the main compact keyboard and mice that we have available.

The Accuratus 500 K82B and the Accuratus 500 K82D are the smallest of our range, with a length of only 267mm!  They each have an Fn function key to give certain buttons multiple functions, like most laptops. Due to the scissor key technology of these keyboards have a softer touch than most standard keyboards, making them even more effective in preventing and alleviating RSI type conditions.  The keyboards are exactly the same, apart from the touchpad or rollerball on the right side.



kyb toughball 2 keyboard compact integral mouseThe Toughball  2 is carefully sculpted to ensure maximum comfort whilst using your computer.  Its curved base is designed to rest on the user’s lap, making it ideal for people who like to sit back and have everything at their fingertips.  Plus, being wireless with a range of 15m, gives you plenty scope to operate the keyboard away from the computer! Together with the rollerball on the right hand side and the mouse buttons and scrollwheel on the left and contoured thumb areas on each side of the keyboard, comfortable use is ensured.   Everyday tasks are further simplified with its powerful multimedia keys, giving you the ability to carry out operations such as accessing the Internet within seconds!



As an alternative the Accuratus 540 keyboard with touchpad, offers more of a laptop-like layout, rather than having the touchpad or rollerball on the side.  With the pointing device located centrally, this keyboard is perhaps a better option for left handed users as well as right handed users.  With only 84 keys and the Fn key as opposed to the more usual 104 Windows keyboard keys, there is less stretching as several of the keys double up to perform multiple functions.


kybac540-rfmmbk-2Similar to the Accuratus 540 above, the Accuratus 540RF is a wireless compact keyboard with an integrated touchpad mouse and media buttons, giving you complete control of your computer, all within the length of 287mm!  Save space as you use the lightweight keyboard, placing it on your desk, lap or whatever your preference.  This keyboard is a real time as well as space saver and gives you the ability to do things such as access your email in seconds via one of its several multimedia keys.  Simply plug the USB device in and begin!


All of these keyboards have slightly different features so at the end of the day it all depends on preference, but I hope this has been helpful in making you aware of the options available.


Feel free to explore The RSI Shop website for more details and to purchase any of these or similar keyboards.


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