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Working with a disability in Business and Charities

Working with a disability in a business

Assistive Technology, workstation assessments, ergonomic assessments and DDA compliance

At work people with disabilities face a variety of challenges in terms of providing computer input, interpreting output and reading documentation. Many of these challenges can be overcome by using adaptive hardware and software developed to provide functional alternatives to standard operations.

Equipment that provides flexibility in the positioning of monitors, keyboards, documentation and table tops is useful for many individuals with special needs. Some adaptive hardware and software assist individuals with little or no use of their hands in using a standard keyboard.

Individuals who have use of one finger, the mouth or head stick, or some other pointing device, can control the computer by pressing keys with the pointing device. For those with more severe mobility impairments, keyboard emulation is available, including scanning and Morse code input. Voice input provides another option for individuals with disabilities.

As independent suppliers of assistive technology and ergonomic computer equipment Adapt-IT can source competitively priced products from all over the world to meet the specific needs of your workplace and your work colleagues.

If a workstation assessment is needed, our experienced consultants are available for site visits and can prepare professional reports so that you know you are getting the best possible solution available and ensure DDA compliance.

With over 10 years’ experience working with businesses and charities, helping employers, staff and self-employed  people with disabilities we  guarantee to  give you sound unbiased advice specifically tailored to your needs.


Adapted Computers for Charities

When buying assistive technology for charities, you need to know that you are getting the best value for money.

We work with all of our Charity clients to identify the adaptive computer technology that meets their specific needs – no more and no less – and then use our network of contacts to ensure we source the products at the best possible price.

For registered charities where eligible, many of our products can be supplied with VAT exemption.

To see whether you satisfy the conditions laid out by HMRC click here and then sign our VAT Exemption Form for Charities.  For a copy of the Form click here.

(To obtain VAT exemption we can only accept a signed copy of the Charities VAT Exemption Form by post, fax or scanned and emailed.)

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